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World-renowned for its quality of life and warm welcome, Bordeaux has established itself as one of Europe’s premier business tourism destinations. As attractive as it is forward-thinking, Bordeaux is a multi-faceted metropolis whose diversity and authenticity provide the perfect conditions for events of all sizes, from select gatherings to large-scale events.

Combining exquisite 18th-century architecture with a spirit of cosmopolitan connoisseurship, Bordeaux’s historic centre is the largest urban area to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Bordeaux is located in the south-west of France, in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the ultimate destination of the River Garonne which cuts through the metropolis. Bordeaux’s historic vineyards and wine culture are well-represented throughout the city, with an abundance of wine bars, boutiques, tasting schools, museums, wine merchants, micro-wineries and more.

The counterpoint to the city’s historic heritage is the surprisingly modern spirit of its contemporary architecture, not to mention the vibrant atmosphere of the new and rapidly evolving neighbourhoods springing up around the train station and the old wet docks. The city also bears the unmistakeable influence of surf culture, one of the region’s defining features.

Keenly aware of its ecological and societal impact, Bordeaux is doubling down on its efforts to become a sustainable metropolis. With an overall score of 85% on the GDS-Index, Bordeaux is in the global Top 5 of the 72 destinations audited thus far.

Another defining feature of the city is its abundance of greenery, agricultural land and woodland, which together make up 51% of the total surface area of Bordeaux Métropole. This rich, diverse landscape is celebrated in the GR Bordeaux Métropole hiking trail, inaugurated in 2019. Green modes of transportation are prioritised, with a tram network spanning the 28 constituent municipalities of the metropolis, along with 330km of cycle paths.

An attractive destination with a genuine environmental commitment, Bordeaux is above all a welcoming city and an inspiring place to organise all kinds of events.

In 2023, Bordeaux will play host to high-profile professional events such as the European Company Sport Games, the Robocup and the Woodrise congress, along with a series of major sporting events and public celebrations including the Rugby World Cup in the Autumn and the city’s world-famous wine festival, Bordeaux Fête le Vin, from 22 to 25 June on the banks of the Garonne.

At time of writing, BCB is working on 150 future corporate events and congresses which added up to a combined total of 400,000 event days. Most of these corporate projects are scheduled for 2023-2024, but they also include 46 congress partnerships, some of which run until 2029.

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