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Sustainable Bordeaux

2nd commandment of the European Capital of Smart Tourism prize: sustainability you will reinforce. Discover how Bordeaux takes action to encourage positive tourism, according to the 3 pillars of sustainability: economical, environmental, and social.


Sustainable development means taking into consideration social, environmental, and economic aspects, in a short, medium, and long term. Bordeaux has been committed to this for several years.

On the way to becoming a sustainable metropolis, Bordeaux is moving towards a balance between urban and nature. The actors of the territory such as Darwin, the Château Pape Clément and many others contribute to it.

The Darwin/Metamorphosis alternative ecosystem is dedicated to responsible economic development, ecological transition, social entrepreneurship, citizen activism, art and culture.

Château Pape Clément, and its unique position as an urban vineyard, is the very example of a prestigious place committed daily to local development and respecting of ecosystem.

In Bordeaux, the events are also organized in a sustainable approach. Indeed, Bordeaux presents ambitious actions for events with a reduced environmental footprint and a better social and economic impact at a local scale. The Agora Tourism Bordeaux website, developed by Bordeaux Metropole and the tourist and convention office, also contributes to this commitment by integrating all stakeholders in a common reflection about the future of urban tourism, but also events activity in a sustainable perspective.