Immersive dinners in the Cube at Bassins des Lumières

Have you considered the Bassins de Lumières for your prestigious dinners?

Known for its cultural heritage and dynamic events, Bordeaux stands out with an innovative initiative: immersive dinners in the Cube at Bassins des Lumières. The result of an exceptional collaboration between talented event players from the region, this exclusive and unique gastronomic experience promises to leave its mark and revolutionize the Bordeaux culinary scene.

The Cube des Bassins des Lumières, an emblematic place dedicated to contemporary digital art, is transformed into an enchanting setting where guests are invited to immerse themselves in the heart of a multi-sensory and dreamlike experience. Imagine a space where digital decorations evolve harmoniously over the dishes served, transporting your guests into a constantly evolving artistic universe. This magical fusion of art, design and haute cuisine pushes back the limits of the ordinary.

Local event players, renowned for their creativity and know-how, have combined their skills to offer participants an extraordinary experience. Traiteur Monblanc and its brigade of avant-garde and creative chefs, Maison Options, with its modern staging and unique tableware, the inseparable duo of Monsieur Bloom whose imagination has no limits when it comes to offering incredible and daring floral decorations and the teams from Bassins des Lumières, highlight  of the Bordeaux cultural scene, have collaborated closely to offer an experience where art, cutting-edge technology and haute cuisine combine harmoniously.

Installed in the heart of breathtaking digital settings, your guests are immersed in constant transforming visual worlds, creating a perfect symbiosis with the flavors that will be presented to them. Each dish becomes a step in a visual and gustatory journey, captivating the senses in a new way. The guests are not just spectators, but actors integrated into a moving scene, which accompanies and magnifies each bite. Whether in the heart of an enchanted forest, under the stars of an infinite night, or in the middle of a futuristic universe, each theme accompanies and magnifies the culinary experience.

For companies looking for memorable events, immersive dinners embody innovation and creativity offering a unique opportunity to make an impact. This experience, far from the conventional format, creates lasting memories and strengthens bonds between participants. »

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