Organize your responsible event in Bordeaux in 10 key steps

The sustainable development and convention bureau departments of Bordeaux Métropole's Convention and Visitors Bureau have put together a practical guide listing all the keys to organizing a responsible and committed business event in Bordeaux.

Designed to provide step-by-step support to organizers in staging events with a responsible approach, this guide is a practical tool that lists the 10 steps not to be missed, as well as local solutions and initiatives: 

1.    Understanding impact using the 3P rule: Planet, People, Profit
2.    Calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of your event
3.    Encourage sustainable modes of transport
4.    Ensure accessibility, diversity and parity at your event
5.    Choose committed venues and service providers - note that 48% of OTCBM members are committed to sustainable development.
6.    Eat locally and sustainably
7.    Offer meaningful activities
8.    Optimize management of material and energy resources
9.    Avoid disposables, prefer sustainable products
10.    Eco-communicate, for example by reducing printing

At each stage, a toolbox provides links to sustainable solutions for reducing our footprint, or to associations that can help us set up solidarity actions. To complete the guide, checklists have been designed to serve as synthetic reminders, adapted to the type of event: convention/trade show or corporate event.

Together, let's organize events that are more responsible, more committed and more virtuous for our region !

Discover the guide and its checklists :

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Sustainable event guide


Checklist for organizing a positive-impact conference in Bordeaux


Checklist for organizing a positive-impact corporate event in Bordeaux


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