Forestry-timber excellence sector

Each year, the Bordeaux Convention Bureau highlights the sectors of excellence in the region through video reports. With the aim of supporting the candidacy of major congresses, the Bordeaux Convention Bureau wishes to become more involved by supporting the sectors of excellence of the region. This first video report focuses on the forestry-timber industry of excellence.

In this first video report, several committed actors present the forestry-timber sector, particularly the Industrial Technical Center of the Forest Cellulose Wood-Construction Furniture (FCBA) and its Woodrise initiative, the University of Bordeaux Sciences Agros Speciality Forestry, the Forestry Timber Craft and Qualifications Campus...

"The FCBA technology institute is the industrial technical center for the forestry and timber sector. It is the technological facility for companies with research, guidance and corporate technical support, also offering large test laboratories for validating concepts and producing analyzes".

Frédéric Staat, director of FCBA

The FCBA is at the origin of the Woodrise initiative, created in 2017, which organizes numerous professional events, conferences, and participates in research cooperation with its Woodrise Alliance. This Alliance brings together 24 international research operators, who work on large-scale timber construction projects.

The FCBA also wishes to support the region in its energy and ecological transition "Neo Terra", by developing an engineering around the construction of wood, green chemistry, development and packaging, with the ambition to achieve 0 plastic projects.

The Nouvelle Aquitaine region is an ideal area of innovation for the sector since 34% of its land is forested, making it the largest forest region in Europe. The forestry-timber sector of excellence is establishing itself as a real cluster of activity, since it directly and indirectly employs 60,000 people.

This sector of excellence is also driven by a young and dynamic impetus, thanks to the presence of high-level universities. Bordeaux Sciences Agro University, the National School of Agronomic Sciences for example, where 4,000 students are trained each year, will soon acquire the title of University of Excellence.

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