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Capdevielle Traiteur plants a seed: JIW !  

JIW is a permaculture garden created by Cadpevielle Traiteur to recycle its waste and produce food. More than a garden, it is a real social and educational project that they want to create


JIW, which means "the seed" in Wolof, is a 2500m2 permaculture garden within the company itself.

Capdevielle Traiteur's wish is to work this previously market gardening land producing vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs and honey, thanks to the recycling of organic waste produced by their  laboratory production. The fruit of this work will then be redistributed to all staff, visitors and their neighbours.

"With this project, we want to put people and nature at the heart of our concerns and create an intelligent company that reflects the people who make it up. We have no vocation to change the world, not either to revolutionize our profession and its constraints, not either to be irreproachable on our manufacturing processes inherent to our profession. But we just want to do better, on our own scale." Philippe Capdevielle.

Much more than a garden, it is also a real social and educational project that Capdevielle Traiteur wishes to create with the JIW project, in partnership with different actors of the territory.