Le village du Lac
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Le village du lac : an eco-built and eco-managed accommodation

The respect of the environnement is in the DNA of the place.

The Village du Lac accommodation near Bordeaux has fully committed to protecting the environment, with: 

  •  Wooden frame building from renewed forest
  •  Re-used materials to avoid gas emmisions from transports (ex: the 13 hectares site are surrounded by natural mounds created by the re-use of ground excess)
  •  Hot water production thanks to solar panels
  •  Cottages equiped with led lights
  •  Collection of dead woods, spreading organic mulch, they produce compost from their green waste
  •  Plantation about a hundred trees and shrubs every year
  •  Use of environnementally friendly products for cleaning
  •  On site trips by electric cars
  •  They make their customers aware of the waste sorting and using public transports to get to Bordeaux