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Saint-Emilion Challenge & Escape Game in the vineyards: ready for use post-seminar activities.

Looking for original and exciting activities to liven up your company seminars? Then look no further! The Saint-Emilion Challenge & Escape Game in the vineyards offer unique experiences, combining adventure, riddles and discovery of the prestigious Saint-Emilion vineyards.

The Saint-Emilion Challenge is a thrilling experience, with teams competing against each other for 3 hours in a dynamic competition. Following a guided tour of the underground monuments, participants are divided into groups and set off on a series of stimulating challenges through the picturesque streets of Saint-Emilion. With the help of a roadmap, teams will have to solve riddles, take on challenges and answer a variety of questions. This interactive game lets you discover the secrets of the terroir while developing team spirit.

For an immersive and team-building experience, the Escape Game in the vineyards is an must-see post-seminar activity. Participants are plunged into a captivating story where they have to solve riddles and take the place of a winegrower for two hours. This life-size game combines fun challenges with an original insight into the day-to-day tasks of a winegrower in the heart of the Saint-Emilion vineyards. Teams will have to use their communication skills, logic and creativity to come up with a solution to the challenge.

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