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VR Interactive

Photographer, Video maker

VR Interactive is a company, based in La Teste de Buch, specialized in 360 ° panoramic photography and virtual tours.

We assume that everything can be visited.

Our achievements allows customers to be projected into stores, exhibition showrooms, real estate, museums, libraries, vehicles, businesses or even outdoor places...

Our customers use our services to provide virtual visit experiences to their customers and prospects and to provide different content on their websites. Some choose to add them inside their sites, while others create a new "visite360" special website.

We are also able to broadcast live events at 360 ° to allow an audience to follow a conference for example.

There are ultimately few limits to the ideas when it comes to promotion!

You can find ideas by browsing the blog dedicated to virtual tours at https://www.vr-interactive.fr/blog-visite-virtuelle/

Or call us directly on 06 86 28 37 31 if you have any questions

See you soon

Sustainable approach

VR interactive is in the process of obtaining the Responsible Digital label, and supports Sea Shepherd, an association dedicated to defending the oceans and their marine biodiversity.


Laurent Lacroix, Gérant +33 6 86 28 37 31 laurent@vr-interactive.fr

VR Interactive
22 chemin de Braouet

Laurent Lacroix

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