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Fort Bioyard: CSR in game!

Federate your teams through the playful, sensory, logical and agility challenges of Fort Bioyard to raise awareness about CSR while having fun!

As a team, find the mythical tests of the famous game.

Defeat the enigmas of the rooms of Miss Green to release the clues then challenge yourself with the games of skill, luck, strength, memory of the masters of time, the enigmas of Father Yogas and the olfactory and taste challenges by Chef Blindy. Find the clues in the rooms, earn the maximum
Bioyard during the challenges to be the first team to find the word that will free the ecological treasure!

1/ Miss Green’s clue room…

In each room, like an escape room, you will have to show good team cohesion and use all your skills of excavation, manipulation, observation, logic to thwart the pitfalls of the “ecological dressing room”, “local and healthy cuisine” rooms. ”, “homemade cosmetics laboratory”, “eco-responsible cellar”. Release the clues based on your achievements!

2/ The challenges of the Masters of Time, Father Yogas and Chef Blindy to earn as much Bioyard as possible…

The teams will compete to win the maximum of Bioyard on: the ecological challenges of the master of time which mix skill, luck, strength, logic, memory, the ecological enigmas of Father Yogas where speed and wit will be your best allies. The ecological objects of the house and the olfactory enigmas of essential oils are the themes addressed. Blind tastings and Chef Blindy's waste sorting and recycling spice up the game.

3/ Find the mystery word and release the ecological treasure...

At the end of the games, each team will be able to free the clues and exchange the bioyards of the challenges for time to be the first team to try to discover the final word and free the ecological treasure...

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