Yoris Photographe Agence Taylor Yandell
© Yoris Photographe Agence Taylor Yandell

'Intercontinental Bordeaux, le Grand Hôtel' green engagement

They know that environmental sustainability is as important to you, your events, as it is to all the women and men working at the Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hôtel. This is why they try to carry out a large number of actions on a daily basis in order to respect these values and improve together their carbon footprint.

  • Aqua Chiara – zero kilometer pure water

When we talk about sustainability and environment, water becomes a primary subject for which we have no choice but finding sustainable and appropriate actions. That is why the staff of Intercontinantal Bordeaux Le Grand Hôtel has decided to install equipment allowing them to enjoy micro filtered still and sparkling pure water directly from their property. This initiative is powered by their will to decrease CO2 emissions related to the chain of production and delivery of traditional mineral waters. By doing so, they can propose water that is collected locally and optimized on point of use which preserves all the benefits of mineral salts present into our regional water.

  • Unisoap – Recycling soap for people

An association created in Lyon collects and recycles hotel soap to then retransform them into raw material that will be given to disadvantaged populations with no access to basic hygiene. Moreover, every action of storage, cleaning, recycling and packaging are supported by disabled workers. They are really proud of supporting this French association with whom they share the same core values, paramount to each man and woman working every day at Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel.

  • Ecomegot – Zero cigarette butts lens

With this collaboration, Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hotel tackles one of the biggest plagues when it comes to environment. He has decided to partner with a company that proposes innovative solutions to the height of this global issue that concerns us all. This company develops 100% French made ashtrays fabricated by a local insertion project which allow long term unemployed people to get back in the work life. Cigarette butts are then collected by bike decreasing to maximum the carbon footprint. Since 2018, the company has used a research & development pathway in order to find a way of depolluting 100% of cigarette butts. To do so, every cigarette butt that will be collected by them will be used to test and develop this unique and innovative solution.

  • Recycling – A whole company at Earth’s service

In the face of the ecological disaster which more than ever has reach a critical threshold. They, being part of the hospitality industry must show the right example and act. A hotel, because of its activity obviously consumes an important number of wastes. It is therefore their responsibility to ensure that these consumables come out of their property with the least possible impact on our planet. To this day, they gave themselves the means to recycle more than 15 different types of wastes. Light bulbs, battery, plastic, paper, glass, and many more are carefully sorted and entrusted to specialized organizations.

And many other engaged social, societal, environmental actions.