Château Gassies
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Château Gassies goes green

The 14 hectares of the site will be managed according to "Zero-Phyto" permaculture principles.

Chateau Gassies implements several eco-responsible initiatives, such as:

  • All dead wood on the property is picked-up, shredded and turned into mulch to cover flower beds. Mulch moderates soil temperature, retains soil moisture and slows down the growth of weeds
  • Reintroduction of some endangered species such as hedgehogs and bats
  • Introduction of ladybug larvas to help their fight against aphids on their rose trees, without using any pesticides
  • Installation of a dozen nesting boxes around the property for chickadees to settle in. They are one of the only few predators of the processionary caterpillars which destroy pine trees
  • An orchard of fruit trees was recently planted, and a vegetable garden is being implemented
  • Over 200 trees planting on the property to create shaded areas, capture water in the ground and prevent erosion. The soil has been damaged by years of vineyard plantation
  • A small electrical car is used to move around the property, to keep their local carbon emission as low as possible