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Dynamic growth in BORDEAUX hotels offer: openings, renovations & new brands  

Successive hotels’ official openings have taken place at a fast pace in Bordeaux in the last months. The city’s ability to host large-scale corporate events is constantly upgrading. 


Successive hotels’ official openings have taken place at a fast pace in Bordeaux: the Hilton Garden Inn last year, the Radisson Blu in September, the Golden Tulip in November and the Palais Gallien in December. Those – mostly internationally renowned – hotel groups attract customers from all around the world.

Several projects confirm this trend for the years to come and guarantee an enriched offer. From 16,600 rooms and 220 hotels in 2019, Bordeaux’s hotel capacity will rise to more than 750 rooms in 2020. The Eklo Group just opened its biggest hotel in Bastide-Niel neighbourhoud. Positionned on the affordable hotel segment, the building counts with 127 rooms, apartments and dormitories. The Holiday Inn Express also welcomes its first guests in Lormont, with 77 rooms. The charming 4 star hotel Le Singulier offers 8 beautiful rooms at close distance from Bordeaux Grand Theatre.

The Euratlantique neighbourhood, future economic lung of Bordeaux next to the train station, will soon welcome La Zoologie, a 4 star hotel with 40 rooms, in the historic building of the Institute of Zoology. The Hotel Meininger, half hostel and half hotel (a mix much appreciated by the German group), laid the cornerstone of its new building for an opening in 2020. At the very same date les Bassins à Flots – the former docks which are nowadays booming with activities – sees the transformation of their protected silo in a 4 star hotel with 150 rooms, a restaurant with a panoramic swimming pool, and a 3 star hotel with 133 rooms and a hostel. The MOB Hotel Group has set its sight on the Brazza’s quays to launch in 2021 its concept of 120 rooms with a bar, vegetable gardens, an open-air cinema and a swimming pool underneath a tropical greenhouse.