New lines at Bordeaux Airport

Bordeaux Airport presented its program of flights spring-summer 2023, focused on improving the territory's international connectivity. By presenting 128 directs connections, including 13 new connections, to 92 destinations, the 24 partner airlines renew their confidence in the regional market. 

In order to offer a range of flights for quality tourism for the Territory, the new season offers 13 news direct lines, including 3 new destinations in the North, South of Europe and France : 

  • Copenhague (Norwegian)
  • Djerba (Nouvelair)
  • Calvi (Volotea)
  • Dusseldorf (Volotea)
  • Heraklion (Volotea)
  • Toulon (Easyjet)
  • Eindhoven (Transavia) Unpublished 
  • Paphos (Ryanair) Unpublished
  • Hamburg (Volotea)
  • Tunis (Nouvelair)
  • Munich (Lufthansa)
  • Venice (Ryanair)
  • Stuttgart (Volotea) Unpublished

The airport also welcomes a new airline (Transavia to Eindhoven) and is delighted with the return of Nouvelair to Tunisia. 

A good opportunity to organize your event in Bordeaux !