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Bordeaux is an economic, industrial and scientific hotbed perfectly suited to events organisers’ needs. We can assist you in finding the specialist who can help you organise your congress in our iconic destination.


Bordeaux is a prime ecosystem to welcome your congress, thanks to its diverse economic, industrial and scientific driving forces:

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The Bordeaux Ambassadors’ programme can bring you all the needed support to apply for a congress in Bordeaux. Among all the specialties of its more than 200 members, you will certainly find the professional who will promote the destination and its R&D advanced capacities at your side.

Several of our members have lately received awards from the City Hall for their decisive help into bringing to Bordeaux international major congresses, such as:

  • Olivier Ly and Jean-François Laplume, RoboCup 2021 (Robotic and Artificial Intelligence World Championship, 3,500 participants)
  • Pr Marie-Elise Truchetet, 5th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress (2018, 1,000 participants)
  • Valérie Berger and Luc Durand, 7th World Congress of the International society of nurses in the francophone world (2018, 2,000 participants)
  • Loïc Lerouge, 23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (2018, 1,900 participants)
  • Pierre Bonfils, Wood Rise Congress (2017, 2,500 participants)

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