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Biological wine rally

Looking for an eco-responsible rally? Take advantage of a full day to discover the famous Saint-Emilion vineyard by electric bike.

Once you arrive in the medieval village of Saint-Emilion, you will be seduced by the beauty and richness of this city classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Comfortably seated on your electric bike to explore the scenic paths of the prestigious Châteaux, you will put yourself in Sherlock Homes’ shoes to discover the various enigmas, guiding you to your first destination: a certified organic agriculture vineyard. You will enjoy a visit of the property, its wineries as well as its technical installations. This discovery will be followed by a tasting of the Château’s vintages.

The day continues and the riddles get more complicated… Head to your second destination on your electric bike for a « locavore » picnic with a low-environmental impact. A relaxing and sharing moment in the heart of a Château Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

At the end of this well-deserved lunch, you will immerse yourself in the Château’s tasting room where you will appreciate wines from biological culture and using sustainable production methods. Friendliness, communication and good spirit will be the watchwords of this day punctuated by mysteries and discoveries.

Increasingly conducted in sustainable agriculture, Bordeaux vineyard keeps reinventing and innovating itself. Bordeaux Executive Travel and Events commits to preserve this unique heritage by its diversity, richness and grandeur.

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