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European Society of Dermatological Research annual meeting

From 18 to 21 September 2019, Bordeaux played host to the European Society of Dermatological Research. 



Bordeaux Convention Bureau's support

  • Contact with the association in 2014 to offer to host the congress which had not come to France since 2006 (Paris).
  • Contact with a local specialist, Alain Taïeb, Professor of dermatology, Head of the department of dermatology and pediatric dermatology at the Bordeaux University Hospital, and also member of the Ambassadors Programme, so that he could support the project.
  • Sending information on the destination, design of presentation... The BCB closely followed the application process until the destination was confirmed in 2015.
  • Organization of inspection visits.
  • Links between the organizers and the venues, hotels and service providers.

“From 18 to 21 September 2019, Bordeaux played host to the European Society of Dermatological Research, with 1,200 attendees flocking to the city not just from Europe but from all over the world, including a sizeable delegation from South-East Asia. The final day of the conference was the subject of this YouTube documentary, and the event’s strong social media presence served to boost the profile of this annual international summit. The official poster for the conference, created by Bordeaux-based artist François Didier, featured the city’s iconic bridge. Connecting Skin and Science was the ambitious slogan for this year’s edition, reflecting some of the current hottest topics in dermatological research. Bordeaux is rightly proud of the fact that the first occupant of the university’s Chair of Dermatology was William-Auguste Dubreuilh (1857-1935), a pioneer of photo dermatology, oncodermatology and dermatosurgery. Dubreuilh’s career is testament to the power of “connecting skin and science,” and his name lives on as the founder of the Bordeaux Institute of Dermatology.”

Alain Taïeb, President of the Local Organising Committee (CLO)
Julien Seneschal and Katia Boniface, Members of the CLO