Sectors of excellence

Bordeaux and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region are breeding grounds for excellence in innovation and research. 11 competitiveness clusters and more than 60 clusters with an international outreach are established there, in sectors such as aeronautics, optics & laser, geosciences, eco-housing, digital economy, health ICT and neuroscience. The region is also home to 175,000 students, including 100,000 in Bordeaux, 10,700 researchers and an international competitive Bordeaux research university (initiative of excellence label).

In a few figures, the Bordeaux metropolis is:

  • 69,000 companies
  • 450,000 jobs in the metropolis
  • 61,000 jobs in the health sector
  • 1st university hospital in France
  • 1,200 invention patents

Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the metropolis have also experienced average annual growth in the digital economy for 10 years:

  • 14.8% annual growth
  • 3rd among French metropolises for the creation of digital businesses
  • + 12,000 jobs created
  • 2,500 companies
  • 1,000 researchers
  • 1st region of France in healthcare informatics

Without forgetting the breeding ground of students and universities:

  • 180,000 students across the region
  • 88,000 students and 11,000 researchers in Bordeaux
  • 6 university centers
  • 1 University of Bordeaux labeled "IDEX" Initiative of Excellence, program driven and supported by the State in order to develop R&D and internationalization
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The sectors of excellence of the region through the camera

Each year, the Bordeaux Convention Bureau highlights the sectors of excellence in the region through video reports. With the aim of supporting the candidacy of major congresses, the Bordeaux Convention Bureau wishes to become more involved by supporting the sectors of excellence in the region. Between a journey to the heart of innovation and professional interviews, these video reports highlight the engineering and research capacities of the stakeholders in the territory. Local impetus, driven by an ambassador from each sector, places the metropolis in the status of a world-renowned research center.

The Bordeaux Ambassadors Club

Created in 2007, this program initiated by the Bordeaux Convention Bureau has now more than 350 members belonging to the scientific and academic sphere of Bordeaux. These ambassadors represent Bordeaux to national and international associations and constitute an essential link for hosting large-scale congresses and exhibitions in the region.

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