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AVS, Translation, Transcription, Interpretation

Forget translation headsets, stream straight to participants’headphones!

Linguali is the world's first mobile-based simultaneous interpretation / silent meeting application for meetings, events, and conferences. The participant installs the Linguali app, connects to the event Wi-Fi, selects the language and starts listening.

MICE participants are equipped with the latest smartphone technologies; they expect events to be connected and digital. High quality WiFi is no longer an option! Now is the time to offer a new mobile experience while reducing logistics.

6 reasons to go digital:
1 - Optimal sound quality
2 - Unlimited participants (depends on Wi-Fi capacity)
3 - Up to 12 separate languages and multiple rooms
4 - Reduce logistics and maintenance
5 - Simple integration with AV services
6 - Up to 90% savings on traditional equipment



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