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Ace Event Group

AVS, Catering equipment, banqueting & event furnitures rental, Photographer, Video maker, Scenography, Exhibition stands design, Translation, Transcription, Interpretation

Event technical expert & audiovisual solutions

Ace Event Group, professional technical solutions for audiovisual projects and events: digital display & projection, sound system, lighting, giant LED screens, HD video cameras, translation, live broadcast, video editing.

Qualified technicians to guarantee the success of all your projects!

Based in Biarritz, Anglet, Pau and Bordeaux, we cover national and international scopes.


Services, Equipments

  • AVS

  • Catering equipment, banqueting & event furnitures rental

  • Photographer, Video maker

  • Scenography

  • Exhibition stands design

  • Translation, Transcription, Interpretation



  • German

  • English