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Zoom on the Garden Party 2022 at the Golf de Sèze !

In June, the Hôtel de Sèze invited his customers and partners to an immersive party at Le Golf de Sèze, in Carignan de Bordeaux. In this natural setting, 15 minutes away from Bordeaux, this summer party offered several activities: Golf initiation with Bourdy Golf Experiences, oenological workshops with Oenanim, a magic show with Idris Magicien, a jazz concert with Flora Estel Swingtet, an ice-cream stand with Fernand & Paulette… and first and foremost: a refined cocktail made by the Hotel de Sèze’s team. The aim of this evening was to introduce guests to this unique venue and to let them imagine planning their own events at the Golf de Sèze. Many “Tailor-made” events can be organized: garden party, golf lessons, team building, kick off, fashion shows, weddings, drive test…