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Deliverbag, the luggage delivery service which makes travels easier  

They’re essentials, they allow us to carry our must-have with us, but their size and weight turn them into a real burden in the city, in public transportations and shops. Of course we are talking about luggage!


Deliverbag was founded in January 2017 to offer an innovative answer to our luggage problems, in every step of our travels. No more useless round trips at the hotel by taxi, move freely between each business appointements, and get your luggage back where and when you really need them, thanks to our Deliverbag concierges

Affordable and easy, this service propose a team of professionals who will come pick up your luggage the day, the time, and the address you want. The website is available to receive your requests and reservations 24/7.

Our clients trust us… And Deliverbag looks forward to launch many novelties in 2018 to fit your needs even more! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself posted !

Contact Deliverbag - +33 6 79 63 25 69 -