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Add a little fun to your meeting at the SeeKo'o  

Are you looking for an atypical venue for your next meeting in Bordeaux? Then the SEEKO’O Hotel is the place for you.


Located on the Bordeaux waterfront just a few minutes’ walk from LA CITÉ DU VIN, the hotel has 45 rooms attractively designed in a loft style, 2 seminar rooms holding up to 50 people, and a bar for all your private events.

For fun seminars, the hotel offers "cocktail workshops" at the SEEKO’O BAR, where you can mix several cocktails and give free reign to your creativity after a hard day of work. A time to relax and enjoy the company of other participants, the cocktail workshop is a factor in team building.

We will be delighted to host your management seminars, sales force meetings, training sessions, press trials, product launches, etc.

Study days starting at 59 € per person
Executive rooms, including breakfast, starting at 145 € per person

Seeko'o Hotel Design