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Integrating the challenge of an environmentally sustainable element into the design of your professional event helps minimising its negative impact on the environment but also improves the experience for your participants



  • Choose a venue that meets the latest environmental standards, including for energy and water consumption

Standards and labels: many standards and labels exist to guide you in the choice of your event facilities, including the ISO 20121 standards (responsible management of events), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 9001 (quality management), the HQE label (High Environmental Quality) and professional labels such as "Imprim'vert" for printers and sign makers.

Facilities equipped with renewable energy sources, water and energy management equipment. For example, the use of outdoor solar lamps and "low energy" bulbs or LEDs that consume 7-12 times less electricity than a conventional bulbs.

  • Offer a fair trade or locally sourced restaurant

Promote menus based on seasonal products using local producers.

  • Avoid throw away, favour reusable

Emphasise the use of reusable and recyclable products and facilities. Reduce, sort and recycle waste.

  • Use environmentally friendly transport

Bordeaux is equipped with 3 tram lines, 78 bus lines and 1,800 self-service bicycles. Exactly what is needed to reduce the ecological footprint made by your movement around the city!

  • Include in your program outdoor activities that respects the environment

The setting of Bordeaux, on the doorstep of the largest French forest, the ocean and the Bay of Arcachon not to mention the Gironde estuary, enables you to offer team building activities in the great outdoors for a complete change of scenery.

  • Eco communicate and raise awareness of your participants

Enlighten the participants to your eco-responsible initiatives making them more aware of the preservation of our environment and improving their overall appreciation of the event.



Many initiatives are proposed around the city and its surroundings to help you organise your event in an eco-responsible way. Here are a few ideas…

  • Bordeaux Events, who are the managing agent for the Exhibition Centre, the Palais des Congrès, the Hangar 14 and the Cité Mondiale Congress Centre, are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. All their facilities are accessible by public transport. They will even offer you a carbon footprint report on demand!
  • Capdevielle Traiteur launched JIW, a 2,500 m² permaculture garden recycling organic waste produced by their production laboratory, in the process producing vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs and honey...
  • More and more vineyards are converting to organic methods and adopting biodynamic production, Château Kirwan and Château d'Agassac are some examples.
  • A day incentive trip: Terres & Cie offers your group a ride out in the Arcachon bay aboard the "green boat", a eco-friendly boat, followed by a tasting of Caviar d'Aquitaine produced naturally in Biganos, and an e-bike ride around the Cap-Ferret.