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Extension of Bordeaux airport  

9.6 million passengers are expected to travel through the airport in 2023. In order to welcome these travellers while fully supporting the region’s development and enhancing its links to the rest of the world, the Airport Management Company is rolling out an investment plan worth €140 million.


As one of the main objectives of Bordeaux Airport by 2023, airport eco-responsibility is being developed with the launch of its ISO 14001 and Airport Carbon Accreditation certification process. Among other actions, the saving of water resources, the reduction of energy consumption or the construction of energy-efficient buildings are integrated into major airport infrastructure works.

The new “Satellite 3” jetty is the first major infrastructure to be built in High Environmental Quality and according to reinforced quality of service criteria. The exterior “structural work” phase has been completed. It will thus open its doors to international flights by summer 2020.

A “400 Hertz” power equipment will also replace the generator sets for starting aircraft in hall B in order to reduce airstrip carbon emissions. This installation will continue in 2020 with the gangway equipment in hall A.

As for accessibility, a new network site has just been launched for the future Tramway and Technobus station, which will be located next to the terminals.

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Key figures

  • 35.500m² of new or renovated buildings (not including 45TH Parallel) 
  • 204.000m² of renovated and reclassified landside and airside areas devoted to car parks, traffic lanes and aircraft facilities.
  • 3 new facilities to accomodate passengers
  • €140 million in investment, of which fifty percent self-financed
  • 75% of this amount devoted to increasing capacity and enhancing the airport experience.