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A dense network of soft transports  

Cycling, car-sharing, river shuttle, increased use of public transport...Bordeaux's green transport network allows easy trips all around the city.


Better for our health and for the planet, it is important that we integrate more and more green transports in our practices in order to reduce the 25% share of transport in global warming.

Bordeaux provides for its inhabitants and visitors a whole range of eco-friendly transports:

  • Tramway: 3 tram lines connect the congress centers and the main centers of interest and accommodation in the city. Fast, comfortable, quiet and eco-friendly, it uses a ground-based power system, unique in the world, to preserve the historic center of the city. Between 5am and midnight (or 1am depending on the day).
  • Buses: 78 bus lines serve the entire city. 100% electric buses are in test phase.
  • River shuttles (BAT3): designed and manufactured by local companies, in the shape of a catamaran, these hybrid river shuttles allow you to go from one bank to another for the cost of a public transport ticket. You will enjoy a nice and eco-responsible ride on the Garonne and will be able to reach Lormont Bas, Stalingrad, Quinconces Jean-Jaurès or Hangars Médoc.
  • Bikes: Bordeaux is well known to cyclists. The city is perfectly equipped for this type of transport. 179 V3 self-service bicycle stations are available in Bordeaux and its surroundings, with more than 2,000 bicycles, half of which are electric. Always close from a bus stop, tram or train station, the V3 stations offer a perfect interconnection.

Bordeaux Tourist Office is labelled "Accueil vélo" since 2015, which guarantees:
- To be within 5km of a bike route
- Have appropriate equipment, such as a repair kit
- Benefit from a caring welcome (information and useful advice on the circuits or the weather)
- Have appropriate services for cyclists (information on luggage transfer, bicycle rental and accessories)

  • Electric cars: in Bordeaux, eco-friendly practices also include the promotion of personal electric vehicles, their rental or charging with 14 fast and free charging stations. Electric cars called "Bluecub" are available for renting (self-service electric car system, 24/24 and 7/7).

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