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Neurofrance colloquium 2017  

From 17 to 19 May 2017, Bordeaux Events hosted the 13th edition of the colloquium NeuroFrance


From 17 to 19 May 2017, Bordeaux welcomed the 13th edition of the colloquium NeuroFrance and leading neuroscience experts. 1,300 researchers and 50 exhibitors, from around the world, met at the Bordeaux Congress Centre to share the results of their research involving the brain and find new treatments for degenerative diseases. 

Neurofrance - Credit © 2017 Olivier Roca _ Francis renaudon - Société des Neurosciences

With the Neurocampus opening, Bordeaux has become a global centre for neuroscience. The destination had key assets to welcome the 13th colloquium NeuroFrance.

The French Neuroscience Society has chosen Bordeaux Events and the Bordeaux Congress Centre for this event. Plenary lectures were held in the amphitheatre and the 7 parallel sessions took place in the two other amphitheatres and committee rooms. The multipurpose area was fitted out to display 50 stands, spread out over its 3,000m² of surface area. The lobby space accommodated the organisation committee. Bordeaux Events and its partners managed services required, including audiovisual equipment, signage, catering, Wi-Fi, cleaning, security and electricity.

Bordeaux attractivity for scientific and medical congresses is enhanced by the quality of the CHU, ranked 1st Hospital of France in 2017 according to the weekly Le Point.

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