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Bordeaux Executive Travel grows up with Bordeaux  

Bordeaux Executive Travel has been creating personalized and top of the range stays for FIT for many years. Recently , Bordeaux has been elected as one of the 2017 international top city by the Lonely Planet , and requests concerning tours in Bordeaux keep growing. As a matter of fact, we decided to think on a grand scale and we became Bordeaux Executive Travel & Events.


It was a mild morning in February when we had the honour to welcome a famous group of fifty Ukrainian farmers in Bordeaux on their yearly incentive trip to kill two birds with one stone.

They ate a typical local meal in a very famous restaurant we considered as an institution and then enjoyed a private  tour with two russian certified guide to discover the secrets of our Sleeping Beauty.

Throughout anecdotes and « gourmand » stop-overs such as tasting of our famous canelés or wine-pairing with French cheeses,  our farmers then had to reach the fresh air of Biarritz to attend to their professional business while keeping a great memory of our gorgeous city.