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Atipic organised Yves Rocher France National Convention  

Based on emotion, sharing and festivities, ATIPIC organised the Yves Rocher France National Convention for 700 people in Bordeaux.


Yves Rocher France chose A'tipic, an event communication agency, to organize its National Convention in Bordeaux last February.
A beautiful way to reward its 700 collaborators and partners by making them discover the treasures of the city in a poetic and theatrical way.

Acte I « Emotion » during a plenary session at the "Grand Théâtre"  


A storyteller and her pianist wrote and narrated the story of the Rocher family for three generations.

After revealing the brand strategy, the characters visiting the theater of the 18th century marked the end:  Cyrano, the bourgeois, the poet, and the forgotten Diva made the key messages resonate at the heart of their stories.  

Atipic GT

Acte II « Sharing » at the Palais de la Bourse


In this another emblematic place of Bordeaux, the group was welcomed for lunch and the 10 afternoon workshops. 

Acte III "Festive evening"


"Festivities" at the Château Lafitte-Laguens, entirely decorated for the occasion: cocktail reception, wine animation and live concert of Charlie's Angel.


Atipic DG