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A sparkling gala evening with Ace Event Group  

In collaboration with Ici la Terre, the international event agency, AudioMaster Even’On, has technically managed a gala evening for the Bourse de l’Immobilier that took place in the Bordeaux Palais de la Bourse.


Hundreds of guests have been welcomed by a sparkling ambiance created thanks to a very specific stage set and lighting scenography.

The technical program was as follow:

  • Sound system with a LineArray Geo S8 with clear sound feedbacks in the Palais’ corridors
  • Light show and mapping of the walls provided by 6 Mac Viper Performance, 6 Mac Quantum Profile, 6 Mac Aura
  • Video was not left behind thanks to a 14K lumens video projector of 5 meters high by 3 meters wide screen with a recovered signal broadcasted on 6 45 inches monitors. This set-up allowed guests sitting at the tables all around the atrium to enjoy the show
  • Finally, a 6 meters long stage beautifully decorated and some truss to rig all video, sound and light systems