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A new Hall for Bordeaux Exhibition Center  

From 2019, Bordeaux Exhibition Center will be equipped with a new Hall of 14,000 m².


Inside,with a total surface area of 14,000 m², different spaces will be created, especially a large area of 1,000 m² , 13 meeting rooms and a main hall completely adjustable.

With a surface area of 7,400 m², divided into 3 parts, it will accommodate plenaries from 1,500 to 6,000 people seated through a system of removable walls and benches. These modules will also be dedicated to hosting exhibitions and installing catering facilities.

Bordeaux Events aims to be in the top 3 French cities hosting national and international congresses, especially with Bordeaux-Paris high speed train line connecting Bordeaux to Paris in 2h05, starting in July 2017, and the initiated development of the hotel park.

Bordeaux Exhibition Center offers optimum layout flexibility with 84,000 m2 of ground floor exhibition space, on the edge of the Bordeaux Lake.

Bordeaux Events