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The Great Wine Battle (GWB)  

After visiting one of Bordeaux wine-growing region, you will be welcomed in a restaurant in the city centre, where one of the greatest wine battle will begin: Bordeaux VS the rest of the world.


This is a country challenge on grapes varieties: 

  • Match 1 : Bordeaux Sauvignon VS New Zealand  Sauvignon
  • Match 2 : Bordeaux Merlot VS Chile Merlot
  • Match 3 : Bordeaux Cabernet VS California Cabernet
  • Match 4 : Chile Carménère VS Bordeaux Carménère

Your evening will be set in a playful and friendly atmosphere, filled with many surprises!
Who will come out as the winner of this great wine battle?

This oenological entertainment evening is perfect for groups up to 60 participants.