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Oenological Olympiads at Château Lafitte  

An original incentive, on the major stages  of red wine making.  The activity lasts up to 2 hours and can take place indoors or outdoors. An ideal exercise to conclude a day meeting in  Château Lafitte.


Exclusive activity created in-house by the château's team, the Oenological Olympiad at Château Lafitte is an incentive promoting good humor and team cohesion.
Château Lafitte, (only 10 km from Bordeaux town center) introduces something totally new: discover the world of wine directly in the property through various games accessible to everyone, using common sense and a team organization.
Ski between the rows of vines, team relays for bottling, rolling barrels, assembly workshops, quizzes on the appellations ... and many other workshops can be offered in harmony with the weather and the number of people.
The oenological animation can take place outside as well as inside thanks to the large event spaces on site: large wine warehouse in barrels of 800 m², fermenting room 100 m², rooms of reception of 250 m² and 750 m².
Management and awards presentation included. Up to 80 people.
More  entertaining activities can be  adapted to groups of 80 to more than 500 people.