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Mobile Escape Game with Les Ateliers de Bacchus  

Les Ateliers de Bacchus are delighted to present their brand new mobile escape game.


An escape game is a new concept born in Japan. This is a life-sized game, in which you have one hour to solve an investigation on a particular theme.
Les Ateliers de Bacchus have obviously chosen the world of wine, and more particularly the year of the comet.

To unlock the mysteries of the year of the comet and recover the sacred elixir, you will have to solve puzzles, and unlock situations to find clues... Immersed in the ancestral decor of the masters of the wine brotherhood, you will have to use your sense of observation, your logic and your spirit of deduction. But above all, you will need to be team player to adopt the right strategies and obtain clues to solve the investigation.

Their escape game is mobile, meaning that they adapt the game to the place of your choice (business, seminar room, castle ...) to turn it into a real space of game.
Let yourself be surprised by the escape game of the comet. Good mood guaranteed!