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Break the code of wine tasting!  

Follow Bordovino à la française's workshops and become a wine expert. Learn all the steps to taste like a pro, ride a Wine tour de France to discover the best wine-growing regions and find out how Bordeaux wines are made by creating your own Bordeaux blend! 


Become a wine expert with Bordovino A la Française thanks to a casual tasting class! Break the code of wine tasting through the colour, aromas, nose, taste etc...
Tour de France of wines: through a tasting of 4 wines from the 4 main wine regions of France, discover the wines from France, their diversity and the notions of "terroir" and "appellation".
Blending workshop: Bordeaux wines are blends made up with various types of grapes (Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot...). Taste each grape separately and according to your own taste, create your very own cuvée!
Bordovino A la Française can organize these workshops in a château, the famous museum "la Cité du Vin" or at your hotel!

Number of guests
Between 20 and 300

From 45€ /pers