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Côte Ouest

Event & Communication agency, Social program

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Côte Ouest is a creative communication and event agency.

Since 1992, we foster interactions between places, products, brands, artists and their audience :
- Corporate events including trade fairs like Seanergy and Thétis, conventions, general meetings, etc.
- Private events related, in particular, with the wine industry such as the Fêtes de la Fleur.
- Major public events such as Bordeaux Wine Festival and Bordeaux River Festival

We supported hundreds of clients to define their communication strategies and creative event concepts.
We managed logistics and technical infrastructure to share a unique experience with millions of people and generate long term emotions.
We adapted over the years to social, political, technological, economical and cultural changes to stay in close touch with our clients and their audience.
Our DNA, our team and our portfolio :
Our blog :


Proposed themes

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Services, Equipments

  • Event & Communication agency

  • Social program



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