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Where to meet us  

We attend many trade shows and forums throughout Europe, to talk face-to-face about your own events and map out how some of the unique aspects of Bordeaux could fit what you are looking for.

 Find out more about the events that we will attend, and meet the team of the Bordeaux Convention Bureau.  

Please contact us through the links below and we will plan an appointment with you.

imex 2016 - ou nous rencontrer

25th September 2017: BE OUR GUEST - London, United Kingdom

The perfect quality client event which allow both parties to meet, exchange and build relationships.  It responds to the current work climate with time even more precious than ever before. Suppliers being able to do a "Sales week" in 24 hours and for Clients to see a good range of national and international suppliers. All this set in a top of the range venue with a relaxed atmosphere. Reserved for 12 hosts/suppliers and 24 guests/buyers it corresponds to the needs of both parties. A tried, successful and unique MICE client sales event. 
Amélie Déchénais will be available to meet you in London until 29th September.

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12th to 15th November 2017: 56th ICCA Congress - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague will be the host of the 56th edition of the ICCA Congress. ICCA represents the parties that facilitate international events in means of logistics, organisation and accommodation. There will be networking experiments so delegates can network more effectively.

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28th to 30th November 2017: IBTM - Barcelona, Spain

IBTM World 2017 is taking place in Barcelona. The events lasts three days during which business opportunities, professional education, facilitating conversations between buyer and supplier and networking are the headlines.

The Bordeaux Convention Bureau will be attending IBTM with 6 partners, and  will answer your queries on the destination, and talk about your meeting plans in Bordeaux.

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